Moncton is the geographic centre of the Maritimes-- an area where the art and history of two cultures, Acadian and English, intermingle. 

With many events, festivals and happenings scheduled year round, Moncton is an exciting place to be.


Local Information (Moncton)

Capital Area Singles (Fredericton, NB)
For activities call 506 453 1249

MPN (Mature Professionals Network), Fredericton, NB

MPN (Mature Professionals Network), Saint John, NB

Halifax Area

Saint John Singles and Friends
For Activities call 506 696 1914

Sociable Singles (Prince Edward Island)

CASA -Capital Area Singles located in Fredericton. CASA is a associate singles organization which shares its events and activities with P.A.C.E. 

MPN -Fredericton- is a network for single persons over 40 to have a forum to meet and exchange ideas, develop friendships and share common interests.