P.A.C.E. organizes a wide variety of social, sporting and fun events for singles.


Please see the newsletter or the Activities page for details.

If you know a P.A.C.E. member needing a kind thought, whatever the cause, please use the Contact Us page of this site to tell us.

P.A.C.E. is composed of single people much like yourself.

P.A.C.E. derived from the words "People Alone Caring Enough" was formed in 1984 and incorporated later in 1989. Weekly activities during the year are scheduled by committees whose aim is to appeal to all members to promote active and meaningful participation.
On the First Monday of each month P.A.C.E. directors hold their meeting at 6:30pm which is followed by a General Meeting at 7:30pm. All members are encouraged to attend the General Meeting to exercise their right to vote and actively get involved in running the organization and its sponsored events.

A three month probationary period is applied to each prospective new member during which they are expected to participate in and assist with some events.

Non-members who meet the membership qualifications are welcome to attend up to three events, excluding Dances, before joining P.A.C.E.